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President's Message

We have been engaged in the development and manufacturing of automobile engines and transmissions as one of the major members of the Nissan Group, and our products have become the favorites of many customers.

While the environment surrounding the automobile industry has changed greatly, we have expanded business operations at both domestic and foreign automobile manufacturers as "a manufacturer specializing in the production of small-sized engines and manual transmissions."

By combining our extensive knowledge accumulated over a half century and the latest technology, we have achieved a spirit of "Monozukuri" (manufacturing) with unshakable dedication to increasing the level of added value in automobiles -for example, "environmental performance", "safety", and "comfort." Furthermore, we aim to bolster our efforts in regard to the development of products which bring satisfaction to domestic and foreign customers.

We are also committed to being a corporation with respect for harmony with local community, and which engenders the trust of the society as a good corporate citizen.

Your continued support and cooperation with our business would be greatly appreciated.

President Aichi Machine Industry Co., Ltd. Tamiyo Wada

Misson Statement

We contribute to society by constantly and economically producing reliable, quality products.

Management Philosophy

We pursue "human happiness" in harmony with society through "Monozukuri" related to automobiles which provide customers with satisfaction.

  • The subject "we" emphasizes the conviction and aspirations of all members at Aichi Machine Industry, from top executives to new employees.
  • Each member of Aichi Machine Industry maintains a feeling of gratitude toward customers and values customer satisfaction.
  • Through "Monozukuri" utilizing car manufacturing technology, Aichi Machine Industry provides our customer with appealing products and sincere services, thus proposing a comfortable "new living environment."
  • As a good corporate citizen, Aichi Machine Industry values harmony with society and strives to exist as a corporation trusted by society.
  • The phrase "human happiness" underscores the creation of spiritual richness in addition to material richness.